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Compatibility based site from the people behind with a personality test that sets the benchmark for matchmaking sites... ScreenshotDo you believe in true compatibility? You know, the kind where you will be able to finish the sentence your partner started? The kind where you don’t just share the same values, beliefs, morals and characteristics but also seem to connect at a deeper level. The kind where you are soulmates.

I guess we would all like to believe that love like that can happen if you’re lucky. If you find that special person. Very often we are drawn to someone not because they are the other halves that complete us – no, we’re drawn to them because we find them interesting, alluring, attractive, sexy. But if that initial spark wears off we often find we don’t really have a whole lot in common with that other person. It's not their fault – and not your fault either. It’s just that if there are other, stronger powers drawing you to each other, it’s easy to misread the signs or ignore them completely.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could first find that soulmate and then let the magic of chemistry do its work? Well, according to we can. is the compatability site from the people behind the ever popular and it aims to match you up with dates who are truly compatible. The rest is up to you.

The best personality test we've ever tried (and we've tried lots!)

It’s all about the personality test. It’s been created by a respected anthropologist Dr Helen Fisher who has dedicated most of her life to studying romantic interpersonal attraction. According to Dr Fisher people are better off matching with those who share their temperament. There are four types of temperament – Builders, Negotiators, Directors and Explorers – and your brain will quickly pick out which one matches yours. How? With the help of chemical systems in the brain which relate to certain aspects of personality. That shows that the age-old saying: We have chemistry between us, really has scientific proof to it.

How does work? Personality TestThe process is both fun and simple. It’s been carefully worked out by Dr Fisher over a few years of hard work and based completely on empirical data and scientific studies. It's not all endless questions either, you'll enter finger lengths, judge smiles and weigh up shapes while you're at it. Not what you expected eh? I suppose what you really want to know: will it make it easier to find true love? We can’t say that. But it will make it easier to find a bunch of matches who... well, do just that: match.

So, the whole dating process at will start with this one thing: taking a personality test that lets the system place you under one of the four temperament types - which you'll see later broken up into pie charts and detailed descriptions. It’s an interesting survey in itself, so you’re likely to find that you actually enjoy answering all those questions about yourself. But it’s not just things you like and dislike – it’s all kinds of different little details that the system takes into account while determining your personality type, so do take time filling it in as you would want to get the best possible result.

Setting up your profile and getting started at

You won’t just get your personality profile set up after filling in the survey. It also creates your online profile with different characteristics, likes and dislikes. Unlike some other dating sites, there won’t be a whole lot to write here yourself. Come up with a catchy header, put together a little resumé of who you are and what you’re looking for and that’s you done!

Chemistry Profile ChartAs a bonus for all that hard work all members – even non-paid ones – get a detailed personality report, which reveals all the main characteristics of both their primary and secondary personality types, as well as the ways to relate to others and to find your way round in love and relationships. Dr Helen Fisher herself explains your type to you in a little video screen so you really get to find out a lot more about your type and also about the temperament of an ideal partner. Exciting, isn’t it? We think so.

So all the answers you give count toward your personality type, according to which the system will then start looking for possible matches. All your matches will be delivered to you straight up, so there’s no search. That’s right – there is no search as such, which on one hand means there’s less profile-browsing and window-shopping but also on the other hand saves you from going through dozens of profiles which at best sound boring and at worst are just plain fake. Your time is precious too, after all, so consider this as a bonus.

Managing your matches on

All the matches you get you can either send to your ‘not really’ category or mark up as possible interests. That will keep things under control and will allow the system to deliver more matches to you. For the record – those who you decide are really not for you, stay on in your ‘Not Really’ catalogue so you can easily change your mind later and unarchive them, so none of your matches are ever completely lost unless of course you, for any reason, decide to block them completely. MatchesYou can sort all your matches in different categories – new ones that you haven’t seen yet, those who you have seen but haven’t decided on yet, those who you may also like and then there are two other categories of people who are interested in you or who have noticed you. That keeps the options really open as sometimes you don’t really notice that special someone until you discover that they have noticed you.

The matches you like, you can start communicating with. There is, of course, the usual email option where you can just start up a conversation with someone that attracts your attention, but for those who don’t find it all that casual to just start chatting to a complete stranger (even if it is just online), there are also a few helpful little features known as ‘Chemistry Starters’. You can compare the ways you suit with your match with 5-card-sort, Four-play, Love it or leave it, Relationship Essentials and Six Short Answers. There not too serious so can be a fun way to get to know each other if nothing else.

Features & Extras on

What makes it really easy for users of is the way the site has been put together. You can always compare yourself with any possible match, making it quick and efficient to sort out the princes from the frogs. As easy as it is to create your own profile here, it’s just as easy to read and take in. It won’t overwhelm you with information but it will give you all the essential information you’d like to know.

What’s really good in is that they’re not stingy with photo space. You can upload up to 26 photos of yourself and you can also decide, choose and pick who you will show them to. Just bear in mind it’s always easier to find matches and attract their attention if you have a photo on your site.

As for extras – there’s not a lot to find here. There are no chat or video chat options – good old email is pretty much all they use. But consider the personality report as an extra in itself. After all – there are not many dating sites out there that are based on 30 years of extensive scientific research and study!

Also, if you don’t opt to pay, there’s not much you can do here. You will still get your report and daily matches but you won’t be able to communicate with them.


We found a pleasure to use. The design, ease of use and attention to detail make it one of the best dating sites of its kind that we've tested. If you're a busy person and don't have the time or inclination to trawl through endless profiles to find your match then you'll love They do an impressive job of picking out compatible matches based on your personality profile then let you decide who you want to take the next step with. However if you're the type of person who prefers to do all the searching yourself then we recommend you read our review as that's our top pick of the type of dating site where you're in the driving seat.

Pros and Cons

Good The scientific survey which determines your personality type - even if you don't believe in it, it's such a cool feature!
Bad Doesn't have a lot of extra features - and no search facility.

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Popularity 9
Design 9
Ease of Use 9
Value for Money 7
Profiles 8
Search N/A
Total 84%

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Free to Register & Browse Yes
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Offer 2 - 3 months for 1 $49.95
1 month membership $49.95
3 months membership $99.96
6 months membership $159.90

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Email Members Yes
Upload Multiple Photos Yes
See Who's Viewed You Yes
Last Online Status Yes
Search By Proximity No
Chat/Instant Messaging No
Confidential Phone Chat No
Block Unwanted Contact Yes
Video/Webcam No