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A dating site with great potential, a well designed layout and some fun features, video channel and dating tips. Just needs more members... ScreenshotOur first impressions of were really positive. A fresh and colorful design and a handy chart comparing everything you can do for free on the site compared with Match and eHarmony. It was only once we'd signed up and started searching for matches in our area that the main weakness of the site was revealed - not enough members.

It's the reason that Match and eHarmony remain at the top of the dating tree - they're incredibly popular so your chances of finding a compatible date are much greater. When we tested the total number of members online was only in the double figures. We hope it grows over time but until then it's just not busy enough for us to highly recommend.

Getting Started on

Setting up your profile Personality Teston starts off with a series of questions all based on your peronality traits when you were a child. No other dating site we've reviewed has taken this approach, basing your current traits on your childhood character, but it's an interesting method and it throws up some eye opening results.

Once you've completed the test you will be assigned a color coded personality score or either blue, yellow, red or white. Granted, that doesn't mean much on its own but each color type is broken up into several key areas revealing different aspects of your personality. You can then use this information to help give you an insight into how compatible you might be with potential matches based on their color code. If you want to take the color testing further then you can purchase a comprehensive Personal Analysis for $29.95.

Searching, profiles and communicating

If you get lucky and find someone you'd like to communicate with then there's plenty of ways you can connect. You can send them an on site email, send a 'flirt' with and choose a message to go with it or send an E-card with a selected picture. A nice feature is the 'Secret Admirer' option where you can confide with Spark whether you think you'd hit it off by clicking: Yes, No, or Maybe. Then Spark will anonymously find out and let you know if the feeling is mutual. A nice touch.

Spark TVThere's also a lot of depth to the site once you start digging around. There's SparkTV with some fun video lessons and storylines on the pitfalls and humor to come from online dating. Full Spark members can access the chat rooms and message boards. There's also instant messaging, favorites lists and a newsfeed of who's been showing you interest. It seems to have all the ingredients of a great site so just needs more quality members to sign up to complete the circle.


We enjoyed using the features of - we just needed more people to share them with! Spark's a well thought out site so hopefully it will start gaining in popularity and build on its strong foundation. On the negative side we were contacted by several members whose profiles were clearly fake so we'd like to see Spark do a better job of weeding them out during the sign up process.

Pros and Cons

Good Lots of cool features, funny videos, nice design and easy to use.
Bad Needs more members and some fake profiles need weeked out.

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Website Ratings

How well did rate in key areas?

Popularity 4
Design 8
Ease of Use 8
Value for Money 6
Profiles 8
Search 7
Total 68%

Membership Prices

How much does it cost to sign up?

Free to Register & Browse Yes
1 month membership $24.99
3 months membership $44.97
6 months membership $71.94

Site Features

What extra features does the site have?

Email Members Yes
Upload Multiple Photos Yes
See Who's Viewed You Yes
Last Online Status Yes
Search By Proximity Yes
Chat/Instant Messaging Yes
Block Unwanted Contact Yes
Confidential Phone Chat No
Video/Webcam No